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  • Try Our Aqua Massage For Spine Pain Management

    What is aqua massage and why would you want one?

    Aqua Massage is a state of the art massage unit that uses water, heat, and pulsation to give you an experience unlike any other.  The massage bed uses 36 pulsating jets to massage the ENTIRE BODY. Aqua Massage is a fantastic tool for spine pain management, neck pain, muscle aches, soreness, fatigue, stress, or for wellness, if you live in Port Orange or South Daytona and want a massage, come see us.

    Watch a short video to see what a Dry Water Massage is like at Florida Coast Chiropractic one of the best chiropractors in Port Orange, FL.

  • Aqua Massage is not meant to replace a massage therapist and you will find that it is a much different experience.  The largest difference between water massage and a conventional massage therapist is that with a hydro massage you do not have to remove clothing; this fact allows the water massage to be much faster.  Another major difference is the fact that it is a machine and you have complete control over pressure, pulsation, location, temperature, and speed; this allows you to be in control of everything regarding your massage.  The massage bed uses 36 pulsating jets to massage the ENTIRE BODY.  The unit is often used in conjunction with chiropractic care, conventional massage or a massage therapist, physical therapy, and many other treatments.  Please remember that this is not meant to replace a massage therapist and that the majority of people that use the hydro massage bed use it in conjunction with their regular massage therapy visits. Florida Coast Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL does not have a massage therapists and believes in working in conjunction with many local therapists.

  • The three biggest objections for people to get a massage are costs, time, and personal discomfort.  This massage in Port Orange, FL will break down all three of those barriers.  One could literally walk into the office take their shoes off get a 15 minute massage, put their shoes back on, pay and be back on their way in less than 20 MINUTES!!  You don’t have to remove your clothing so there are no issues with personal discomfort or concerns of being unclothed.  We will let the costs speak for themselves and remember that since this is a machine it can massage your entire body from head to toe over 20 times a minute.

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