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  • Chiropractic therapy has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years, and Dr. Tatalovich, our Florida Coast Chiropractic Clinic chiropractor, has continued to include advanced technology in our service offerings.  It is no longer simply twisting and manipulating the body to regain proper alignment in the spine. There have been several technological advances in the equipment and techniques use in chiropractic care and treating body pain. 

    Electrical stimulation therapy is one of the more recent innovations in the world of physical therapy and sports medicine, and we provide this service at Florida Coast Chiropractic Clinic.  As an adjunct to chiropractic treatment, this therapy works especially well with massage for back pain, neck pain, headache problems and many other issues. Chris Tatalovich, our chiropractor, has included this treatment in our services as he sees how the therapy complements both massage and spinal adjustments and maximizes pain relief.  This therapy is often utilized in sports medicine and is often prescribed by our chiropractor to help patients recover quicker.

    More and more, electrical stimulation has been included in the top chiropractic offices as a means to relieve inflamed muscles and nerves.  It aids our chiropractor in his treatments by allowing the strained muscles to relax, which facilitates and encourages natural healing.  This ultimately means that you, the patient, will be able to recover faster and experience long term relief.  This is especially useful in a physical therapy plan as the muscles are retrained and stimulated to return to normal function.

  • Pain Relief through Electrical Stimulation Therapy

    Electrical stimulation therapy is used to relieve headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain as well as pain in the extremities. The therapy works by stimulating the muscles with a mild electrical current.  Electrodes are first placed at the appropriate points on the patient's skin.  We begin the therapy with a low setting and increase the frequency until the patient has reached their comfort level with the electrodes.  Then the patient is allowed to be in this relaxing therapeutic state for 10 minutes or longer, depending on what our chiropractor prescribes.  Ice packs are also placed over the electrodes to further ease the pain and reduce the swelling.

    This therapy works by causing a relaxation of tense muscles and an alleviation of the swelling that is frequently involved.  Most of the time, we do not think of pain in terms of inflammation, but for the most part, that is precisely what causes pain.  After a few visits, the inflammation in your muscles and nerves will be gone altogether or significantly reduced.  Dr. Tatalovich may also prescribe massage therapy and a nutrition plan to speed up and aid rehabilitation for patients.

    Electrical stimulation treatment is one of the many state of the art therapeutic techniques we have available at Florida Coast Chiropractic Clinic.

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